Kettlebell Bombshell Is An Attitude

Welcome to my store. I am so excited to share with you all of my creations that bring Pinup and Kettlebells together. I have a passion for fitness and helping others. I have trained many women over the years who come to me looking for guidance and if and when they leave, they are almost unrecognizable!

This is not only because they have lost weight or gained muscle, it’s because they have transformed the inside. They become stronger mentally and physically.  My beautiful client Kelly who never touched a kettlebell but ended up competing in kettlebell sport a few months later.  

Kettlebell  Bombshell is more than a brand... It’s an attitude! A fearless individual who feels strong and confident and passes that power along to others! Inspiring others through her actions. Be a doer not just an onlooker. You can be fierce in this brand and feel amazing while you are wearing it.

Pinup style is the epitome of femininity and that has made me want to create a brand that empowers women or anyone who feels they are a Kettlebell Bombshell! 


Please let me know about you as well. You can follow me on social media and post any pics of you in this brand. I would love to see you bring out your inner Kettlebell Bombshell too! 

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