As Seen On TV DVDs Kettlebell Bombshell™️

As Seen On TV DVDs Kettlebell Bombshell™️

As Seen On TV DVDs Kettlebell Bombshell™️As Seen On TV DVDs Kettlebell Bombshell™️As Seen On TV DVDs Kettlebell Bombshell™️

Lisa Balash ,the creator of Kettlebel Bombshell DVD series © 2010, ©2012  

Get into the best shape of your life!  

About Lisa Balash and Kettlebell Bombshell DVD’s

Full Body Workout

Lisa Balash demonstrates kettlebells on a stability ball.

A Kettlebell uses every part of the body. Strength, cardiovascular conditioning and “the core“ ,  or abdominal muscles, for strength and stability. Working out with a kettlebell saves you time and money. It is fast, efficient and fun. Lisa’s Kettlebell Bombshell workouts will address your trouble spots while tightening and toning your entire body. 

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

Kettlebell Competition Kettlebells

With years of success and experience. Kettlebell  Bombshell is Certified by three different organization. 

KBC- Kettlebel Concepts 2007

IKFF -International Kettlebel Fitness Federation 2008

IKSFA-  International Kettlebell Sports and Fitness Association 2014 

Lisa Balash is currently ranked in Kettlebell Sport CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport) in One Arm Long Cycle

Workout with Lisa

Kettlebell Bombshell DVD Volume 1


Lisa Balash has been a top Pilates and Kettlebell trainer in Las Vegas, NV since 2003. Lisa's undisputed and original training method,combines Kettlebells and Pilates, delivers fast noticeable results! 

Lisa is also certified in nutrition and weight loss and has worked with a variety of clients from NFL Quarterback,Tyler Palko to Sister Wives reality television star, Janelle Brown.

Lisa has worked with professional athletes such as; 4 time Mr. Olympia Champion, Jay Cutler ,UFC / Bellator fighter Matthew Riddle, NFL Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald , NFL Quarterback Tyler Palko, Cirque Du Soleil performers and was the official fitness sponsor for the  Miss Nevada Organization.

Lisa still enjoys being an athlete herself and competes in Kettlebell Sport. 

Lisa has released two instructional DVDs , Kettlebell Bombshell Vol 1 and 2, which include 6 follow along workouts. These DVD's have gotten rave reviews and were #26 on Amazon's top 100 list . They are now featured on As Seen On TV Pro

If you are not in Las Vegas , you can achieve  your fitness goals  in the privacy of your own home using Lisa's DVDS.

Whether you reside in Las Vegas or use her DVDs, you can train with Lisa and become a Kettlebell Bombshell too!