Kettlebell Bombshell Testimonials

NFL Arizona Cardinal’s Wide Receiver, Larry Fitzgerald and Quarterback, Tyler Palko

NFL Wide Receiver, Larry Fitzgerald and QB , Tyler Palko

Clients of Lisa Balash talk about how she has helped them reach their fitness goals.

Testimonial from NFL QB Tyler Palko

I have had the opportunity to work with Lisa on a couple different occasions and each time I had the same result, top of the line ,high end quality work.  The best part was her nutrition plan. Lisa got me back on track quickly and the results were almost instant! Lisa knows the body, how it works and what it needs at the time it needs it.  She is the best and I will continue I work with her in the future!!

Hi Lisa,This picture is me after a 30 lb weightloss working out with your dvds! I'm 59, a grandma and a great grandma. I love being fit and feeling great. I thank you for making working out fun and effective.

Your Kettlebell Bombshell Student, Susan Engle

Kettlebell Bombshell Vol 2 

Hey Lisa I just bought your kettlebell bombshell advanced video and did it today!! I love it!! I have  been looking for a challenging and fun kettlebell video and Im extremely happy with yours. So just wanted to say thank you, you are a great instructor and so easy to follow. Have a good night. 

Katrina Platz

Terry Phillips

Just bought your dvd based on Mike Mahler's recommendation. It KILLED me, but I LOVE it.

Tiffany Slovan

Thank you, Kettlebell Bombshell DVD!!! I'm getting into the best shape EVER & I don't miss a workout now. I never thought I could do that double bell workout, but I'm doing it & loving it. I don't have time to got to the gym or Y, or to walk for hours, and this DVD makes it possible for me to finally get into terrific shape in less time!!!

Christen Marie Dominguez

In the last two years, I lost about 50 lbs, but I've been stuck for several months. I still have about 70 to lose, and with an insulin resistance, it's not easy. A couple weeks ago I discovered kettlebells...I opted for two dvd's and a 10lb bell. I LOVE this DVD! I knew I was out of shape, but man this kicks butt, I get an awesome sweat and my whole body shivers in 20 minutes. Last week I lost 3 lbs! I hope it keeps up! Post workout muscle pain has always discouraged me, but this time it keeps me wanting more! I can't wait to see the changes and my progress with the DVD. I can't do the side planks, but hey...I've started and I'm loving it! Thanks Lisa! This is an awesome workout!!

AlihaL. Lewis

Just preordered Kettlebell Bobmshell DVD Volume 2...Thanks for the great preorder sale price and FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING! Can't wait to get the DVD in October!

Clew Meister

GREAT DVD! I too have several kettlebell DVDs - this one is by far my favorite. I wore my HRM the other day and couldn't believe the burn. Thanks!

Erica Gray 

Just wanted to say how much your workout can help mentally as well as physically. I recently began taking anti depressants, and became so weak and lethargic I could barely get out of bed much less work out. I started gaining weight again, had no energy, and was always feeling slow and dismal. After almost a month I started forcing myself to start over, and I'm so glad I did. Taking it slow, choosing one workout a day, has been a life saver. It really makes the day seem a bit easier. I feel as though I have more energy. I feel calmer, less stressed, and more in control. I can't say enough good things about the workout, and I will most definitely be ordering the second volume.

Regina Goforth

hey Ms. Lisa just wanted to say THANK YOU! I reached my first goal of losing 20 lbs. Using your Kettle Bell Bombshell workout along with Weight Watcher's... I made it. I am 43, 5"5 and started of weighing weighed in at 174. Your dvd has CHANGED MY LIFE and I will be a body by Lisa, Kettle Bell Bombshell girl forever. Next week I will be taking your dvd to my next Weight Watcher's meeting because one of the members said she is also using a kettle bell and other members asked what a kettle bell was. So i will also take my 10 lb one with me to show them :). Lisa Balash, you are IMPACTING LIVES OINE KETTLE BELL AT A TIME. Hats off to you from the state of Virginia.

Aleisha Hart

Big fan of my Kettlebell Bomshell DVD!! 2012 Pro season under way, join me on the journey to the Orlando Pro....10 weeks out!!

Tyrone Gramby

Hey there, just wanted to say that the Interval Workout is still kicking my butt, but it's still one of my favorite workouts!

Millie Williams Davenport

I am so excited to tell you that I have lost 12 pounds since Christmas! Using your DVDs and adjusting my diets have helped to firm me up and trim my waist line...I can now wear jeans that I haven't gotten into in 2 years! I am not done yet though....gonna keep firming up! Love it! And feel so strong ;)

Aleshia Arnold 

Hi! I bought Kettlebell Bombshell from It works me out so well! Thank you so much!

Leah Stewart

Lisa, I wanted you to know that I placed an order for KBII this morning & cannot wait to receive it! I fell in love with kettlebells learning with KB Vol I, and cannot wait to continue on. I absolutely dig the results, and cannot thank you enough. Happy New Year!!

Brian Iriye

Lisa aka Kettlebell Bombshell is a phenomenal trainer. Her latest DVD builds upon her last video and cranks up the intensity. Just discovering kettlebell training in the last 18 months, I have really benefited from the great instruction on the DVDs and the benefits of this training have been a great aid in my loss of 30 lbs and 17% body fat over that period of time. Bravo Lisa. Another great production!

Tyrone Gramby

If you are serious about your workouts and like to add some variety, GET THIS DVD! If you're not familiar with kettlebell workouts, make sure to start with Volume 1! Lisa goes over the basics so you can get your form right. This will be vital before moving onto the advanced workouts of Volume 2 so you can push through the fatigue and get the most out of your workout and your body. Lisa gets a Siskel and Ebert "two thumbs up"!